Kids, Couples and Family

As a mother of two wonderful and individual young children with two very different personalities, I understand. Not only the overwhelming desire to hold onto every little moment, funny story and toothless smile, but how hard it can be to take a photograph of your little pocket rocket, ballerina or rugrat as they run, spin and twirl in every direction. We are not just professional photographers, but experienced joke tellers, circus performers, distraction tactic extraordinaires and bribery masters!

There are so many stages of life as our kids grow up and it all happens far too quickly. Our kids shoots can be casual to capture their individual personalities and talents or more formal with carefully chosen outfits to capture a particular photograph or moment you have in mind. We have a selection of outfits, props and a million fantastic locations ideas!

Combining our passions in photography the Mummy and me sessions are simply adorable. Whether you have one of each, 3 daughters, 1 son, or 6 boys and a girl, these shoots are ideal for capturing your beauty and the connection you have with your children. We have matching boutique outfits or can help you choose your own outfits for this special shoot.

Whether you’re newly in love or celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary we can capture your love and connection. Being in front of the camera can be daunting for a lot of couples but our experience will set you at ease and allow you to bring out the happiness you feel in each others company. Our shoots are fun and relaxed and always full of laughter giving you natural, candid photographs to treasure for a lifetime.

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