Pregnancy is an amazing time in any women’s life. Whether it is your first or last time, whether you have had it easy or the opposite! It can sometimes be hard to feel beautiful at this incredible stage in life. Indulge in a shoot with us and we will make you feel fabulous!

At La Belle Mère we have years of experience photographing women (11 years so far!) and we know what works! We are all worried about the same things, double chins and fat arms (to name a few!) and you can rest assured that, being women ourselves, we know how to shoot, pose and encourage the pure beauty to shine through!

As well as our vast experience and talent we have a range of boutique gowns and drapes, specifically designed for maternity and included in your package! As well as a lot of cute props and accessories!!

Maternity shoots are best done between 32 and 36 weeks however it is different for everyone and it can be different for the same person between pregnancies! Contact us today and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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